Your Experience With Us

When you arrive at the office you will be greeted by our front desk staff who will ask you to fill out a medical history form.

Once this has been completed you will be escorted by one of our certified dental assistants to our scan room where a dental CT scan will be taken. Following this you will proceed to an operatory where our certified dental assistants will take your blood pressure and record the history of your root canal problem.

After reviewing the radiograph provided by your dentist an angled endodontic radiograph will then be taken. Dr. Maguire will then complete a thorough endodontic assessment of your problem including some specialized tests.

Please keep in mind that an x-ray alone is NOT sufficient for an accurate diagnosis. Early stages of pulpal death and many small abscesses do not show up on radiographs. This is why Dr. Maguire needs to perform other tests.

Upon completion of the initial examination Dr. Maguire will recommend a course of treatment for you along with a written estimate of fees. With your consent Dr. Maguire will perform the treatment (frequently in one visit), inform you of the follow up care that is required and provide you with any medications or prescriptions that you might need.

It is not unusual that you might need to return to your general dentist within 3-4 weeks following the completion of treatment to have a permanent restoration placed. Dr. Maguire will inform you if this is necessary.

A patient care package will be sent home with you followed by a post treatment telephone call.

We want your experience at our office to be as pleasant as possible. If there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate to ask.