Ridge Preservation

Endodontic procedures are performed routinely to retain the patient’s natural dentition. However in certain situations, such as severe decay or a cracked root, teeth are significantly compromised and cannot be saved. In these situations extraction and replacement with an implant may be the patient’s best long-term solution.

During an endodontic procedure if the tooth is deemed unrestorable, the endodontist is in the optimal position to preserve the remaining ridge (jawbone). By maintaining the ridge height and width at the time of tooth extraction, the site may be best prepared for implant placement. Grafting materials may enhance regeneration of natural bone and maintain the original ridge architecture. This will improve the prognosis of implant success in the future.

When it is determined that a tooth must be extracted, if the site is a good candidate for an implant, then the patient will be offered the option of extracting the tooth followed by ridge preservation. The area is then monitored until full healing has occurred and the patient can proceed with having an implant placed.