Pre-Visiting Instructions and Rescheduling Policies

appointments2Call 604-531-3631 for the first available appointment if your dentist has not already done so for you. If you have dental insurance please have that information close by. Our staff will ask you some questions in order to give you an approximate estimate of the cost of your root canal treatment and what reinmbursement you might expect from you insurance company. Please bring any “Referral Slips” or x-rays your dentist may have given you to your appointment.

A thorough endodontic examination will be performed and the results of that examination explained to you prior to the initiation of any treatment.
PAIN MEDICATIONS OR ANTI-INFLAMATORY DRUGS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN FOR THE 12 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Please take all other medications as normally prescribed by your physician.

Endodontic diagnosis can be difficult and pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs can significantly affect the results of endodontic tests.

Your wellbeing is our ultimate concern. Please bring a list of all prescription, non-prescription, natural and herbal medications you are taking along with their dosage and frequency of intake.

Rescheduling Policies

Due to the fact a substantial amount of time has been scheduled for your treatment with Dr. Maguire, we require 2 business days notice to reschedule your appointment.